Preparing Your Teen Driver

Preparing your teen for driving is an exciting and scary time. I know, my son Griffin has just received his permits.  Obviously the excitement is tempered by the facts.  Teen drivers have the highest risk of crashing of any group in the United States.

Teen Driving Risks by the Numbers

180,000 – The number of young drivers, ages 15 to 20, who were injured in crashes in 2011.

70% – The amount by which electronic stability control decreases the risk of fatal single vehicle rollovers.

62% – The amount by which a 16 or 17 year old driver’s risk of being killed in a crash decreases when an adult age 35 or more is in the car.

50% – The highest crash rate for teens in their first month of driving.

The first piece of advice I’d offer is to be involved in helping your teenagers become comfortable driving. Practice with them and make sure they understand the rules of the road. I’d also recommend some ground rules, like limits on nighttime driving and the number of people they can have in the car. Finally, make sure your teens are taking driving seriously.

Allstate has a great tool called, “The Parent-Teen Agreement,” which is essentially a driving contract that helps parents set boundaries and expectations when their teen is behind the wheel. As a parent of a new driver, I’m looking for any/all resources to keep my son safe when he’s on the road. Allstate’s Family Contract helps reinforce the conversations all parents should be having with their young drivers.

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