Dear Jeff:

I’d like to thank you and Mr. Greenwell for supporting Parkinson’s research. The truth about PD is it affects children as young as 13, and every age group from their teens to senior adults. PD can rear its ugly head without any warning or consideration for nationality, age, or profession; I feel enlightened along with you to bring awareness to this disease with no voice. With your strong help we are fighting back against PD by bringing awareness to the private community and funding to the research community.

As part of a team effort, your kindness, support and generosity will allow us to
donate to The Michael J. Fox Foundation an accumulated amount of $20,929 ($2650
was donated in 2013 for the 2014 event).

My gratitude shines when East & Greenwell is mentioned. Thank

With much respect,

Toni A. Palumbo

Executive Director

Team Fox Swing for the Cure