Getting in an automobile accident can be very scary and stressful. There’s the initial shock of the accident – and then there’s the aftermath: police reports, medical treatment, and damage to your vehicle, just to name a few. It’s times like these when all of the sudden the quality of your insurance company matters infinitely more than how much you pay every month, especially because the number of auto insurance accidents in FL consistently rise from year to year. The truth is, when it comes to claims experience, not all auto insurance companies are created equal. Here are a few things you can expect when placing a Florida auto insurance claim with Allstate. You’ll also read about the claim experience of one of our valued customers.

  1. SUPPORT FROM OUR AGENCYYou’ve been in an accident. You’re shaken up and unsure of what will happen next. The last thing you want to do is call a 1-800 number. While most auto insurance companies only allow you to open a claim by calling a call center, that isn’t the case with Allstate. That’s why with one phone call to East and Greenwell Insurance, we can take all of the information about the accident, place your claim, review your coverage with you, give you your claim number, and even schedule you an appointment at one of our local partner body shops. (If our office is closed at the time of your accident, you can always contact Allstate directly to open your claim.)Once the claim has been placed, even though it is processed by Allstate’s incredible claims department, our agency is here to support you and answer any questions you may have along the way. As our customer, we want you to know that you won’t have to go through this stressful and sometimes uncertain situation alone.“After my husband got in an accident, I was grateful I was able to speak to a familiar voice instead of a complete stranger. The team at East and Greenwell was able to process my claim, give me my claim number, and let me know what to expect next – in just about 15 minutes.” – Arianne Hutcherson, East & Greenwell Customer
  2. FAST RESPONSEThere is nothing worse than waiting on hold forever to talk to a real person and place your claim, and then once you do, waiting days and sometimes weeks to hear back from anyone on what is happening. Rest assured that this won’t be your experience as an East and Greenwell Allstate customer.Though every claim is unique in its own way, and some take longer to resolve than others, you can expect both our agency staff and the Allstate Claims members to be attentive to your needs and to be diligent in communication throughout the process. We want to help meet your expectations and allow you to move on with your life as quickly as possible.“After my husband’s car was totaled, we had a check in our hands from Allstate 2 days after the accident. We couldn’t believe how quickly it happened.” – Arianne Hutcherson
  3. FAIR PAYOUT“In good hands” isn’t just a catchy phrase Allstate uses in its commercials. It’s the way we approach our business practices – including the processing of auto insurance claims in Florida. Our insurance adjustors are trained to be your skilled advocates and help get you the best outcome possible following your accident. Unlike some insurance companies who may try to find loopholes to get out of paying your claim, Allstate pays out fairly according to your coverage and the value of your vehicles.“Our entire claim experience was satisfactory. Our adjustor even drove to our home to hand deliver our check to us. We were very happy with the amount that we received after our vehicle was totaled.” – Arianne Hutcherson

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