Why Buy Local?


Do fruit and vegetables really taste better from the local farmer’s market?

I think they do. Maybe it’s better quality, perhaps they’re picked at the perfect time, maybe it’s just the idea of purchasing from a local farm or maybe it’s the idea that you are keeping your money in the local community. The conversations I’ve had about mangos, local honey, or the fact that now was the time to buy plums are the reasons I go back. I don’t eat plums, I like them, I just don’t buy them. If it were not for Steve at the Gateway Farmers Market, I most certainly would not have bought them a month ago, but I’m sure glad I did as the taste was amazing.

Do you think I would have bought plums from one of our “Big Box” grocery stores???

Insurance is a lot like buying fruits and vegetables. There’s a lot to choose from, sometimes you know what you need…and sometimes you don’t. Finding the right “plum” can be difficult. You can call a lot of places for info, but getting insight and advice can make all the difference. Thank goodness we still have the choice to buy insurance locally and don’t have to rely on the “Big Boxes”. I can assure you that someone 1,000 miles away on the 10th story of some building does not necessarily have your best interests in mind. At East & Greenwell, we do. In the world of insurance, we’re like your local farmers market. You have a choice when shopping for Insurance, why not get good advice from people in your own community?