We here at East & Greenwell want to help make sure that you are well prepared before the next storm heads to Florida. You should update your contact information, check insurance policies and make your handy ‘Hurricane Kit’, all of these things will help ease you into Hurricane Season.

Please use this checklist to begin your preparation before the next storm!

Updated your contact information with us!

  • Did you change your cell phone recently? Or disconnect your home phone?
  • Did you create a new email address?
  • Are you following us on Facebook for immediate updates?

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Check your insurance policy

  • Do I have a current homeowners, car, and/or flood policy on hand?
  • Do you have Flood Insurance? Click here to find why we suggest it.
  • Do you have screen enclosure coverage?
    • Are you interested in a policy to cover it?
  • Do you have enough coverage for your fence or other detached structures?
  • Do you have comprehensive coverage on your car in case of flooding?
  • Do you have coverage for refrigerator contents loss?

Do you have all your hurricane shutters and pieces for installation?

  • A customer purchased a home and saw all the shutters the garage. When he went to put the shutters up days before Hurricane Irma, he realized that shutters did not fit his home and he was left needing plywood. Checking and making sure your shutters fit your home and that you have all the pieces will save you on a headache later.

Create or update your Hurricane Kit (checklist to follow)

  • When Hurricane Irma targeted SWFL, store shelves were stripped bare and essentials were out of stock. Don’t be left without Emergency essentials.
  • We’ve created a checklist below of essentials to collect and have on hand from the start of the hurricane season rather than waiting on the ‘Cone of Uncertainty’. Creating the kit early will alleviate some of the stress when you are putting up your hurricane shutters. We suggest grabbing a large storage bin and storing these items away to create your Hurricane Kit:
    • Water – Although this item most likely cannot be stored in your bin. It is suggested to have one gallon of water per person per day for at least 7 days, for drinking and sanitation. For a family of 4, you’d want 28 gallons of water on hand. This can be gallon water jugs or bottled water, whatever you may find easy for you!
    • Food – It is suggested to have at last 7 days of non-perishable foods. You may not want to purchase 7 days of food to sit in a bin, but we’d suggest at least having 3 days packed away and ready. As you can remember, Hurricane Irma knocked out electricity causing food to spoil in the refrigerator. So having non-perishable foods on hand is a must if power were to go out!
    • Radio – Battery-powered or hand crank radio & NOAA weather radio with tone alert.
    • Flashlights
    • First aid kit
    • Batteries – Verify what batteries are needed for your radio, flashlights or other devices you may use. You never want to be in the position where you have a plethora of AAAs for your AA or C battery flashlight!
    • Paper plates, cups, and silverware – Since water/electricity could be unavailable, having disposable plates and utensils will ensure that plates don’t stack up in the kitchen with the inability to wash them!
    • Cash
    • Manual can opener – If you happen to have an electric can opener…this is a MUST! And of course if your kit contains canned food
  • Additional Items to consider purchasing at the start of the hurricane season:
    • Battery Pack for cell phone
    • Generator
    • Gas Cans & Gas
    • Large Tarp & Tarp Clips
    • Heavy Duty Gloves
    • Extension Cord
    • Fire Extinguisher
    • Matches & Candles