Condo insurance in Fort Myers has the potential to be confusing. Many things may be covered by the condo’s association, but that does not mean you are protected—even if you’re just renting.


So what are you responsible for, exactly? And what does the association cover? Typically, your condo’s association only takes responsibility for the external areas of your condo, such as the roofing, lanai, landscaping, etc. What is on the inside is your responsibility.

This includes interior walls, personal property, appliances, and liability, should someone incur personal injury or property damage inside your condo. For example, if someone slips on your newly buffed tile and gets injured, condo insurance in Naples, FL, will help cover their medical expenses should you be held liable.

The price and amount of necessary condo insurance will vary from client to client. However, East & Greenwell can help you narrow down a price range based on your needs and find ways to help you save money in the process.

We are experts on the nuances of condo living. Our insurance agents in Naples, FL take our time asking all of the necessary questions to ensure you are properly protected and well-versed on what you should have in your policy and why. Did we mention we have 16 A-Rated carriers to choose from? This helps us ensure you get the right policy at the best value.


1. Is Condo Insurance Required in the State of Florida?

While you aren’t required to have condo insurance, condo owners should purchase it. Too often, we see individuals assuming they are covered by the association, only to discover that it does not include the interior of their unit. Anything that happens to or within the interior structure of your condo falls on the shoulders of the owner or the renter. Condo Insurance covers you in those instances.

2. How much does Condo Insurance cost?

Your Condo Insurance cost depends on the policy you select. On average, you can expect anywhere between $100 – $400 per year. Your quote will be based on the value of your personal property as well as the type and level of coverage you choose. We highly recommend discussing your options with one of our agents. Unlike browsing your selections online, we can help scout out the best discounts and deals on the policies suited for you.

3. What does Condo Insurance cover?

Your condo insurance can cover losses incurred from a fire or burglary, loss or damage to personal possessions, appliances, or certain installed fixtures, and liability for bodily injuries or damage to personal property incurred within the interior of your condo.

Because the responsibility of claims are sometimes in the hands of the association and other times in the hands of your Condo Insurance, it’s important to contact your agent immediately to determine the right course of action should an incident occur. We will work quickly and efficiently to help you with the claims process.

4. How can I buy Condo Insurance?

While it is possible to shop and purchase a Condo Insurance policy online, we highly recommend reaching out to one of East & Greenwell’s agents. We work closely with you to help determine which policy covers your needs at the best deal we can find. Also, we answer any questions or concerns you may have prior to making your decision, so you are knowledgeable about the policy you’re buying and what it does for you.

5. Is Condo Insurance tax deductible?

If you operate a business out of your condo, you can often deduct a portion of your Condo Insurance from your taxes. However, as an individual owner or renter, you cannot use it as a deductible expense on your taxes.