Daniel Boutote

Daniel Boutote embarked on his journey in the world of insurance in 2023, finding his professional home at East and Greenwell Agency. Within the industry, Daniel focuses on offering a diverse range of insurance product lines aimed at safeguarding the valuable assets of customers. With a passion for providing comprehensive protection, Daniel excels in assisting customers through the intricacies of insurance to help get them well-prepared for whatever life may throw their way.

Born into a bustling family, Daniel is the youngest among six siblings. This upbringing has instilled in him a sense of responsibility and a deep appreciation for the importance of familial bonds. He approaches his role in the insurance industry with a genuine desire to extend that sense of security and protection to customers, viewing them as an extended family that he is committed to.

One aspect of his profession that brings Daniel immense joy is the opportunity to assist customers in securing not only their assets but, more importantly, the well-being of their families. Whether it’s helping them through policy options or providing assistance on risk management, Daniel finds fulfillment in helping customers make informed decisions that align with their unique needs and circumstances.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Daniel is a proud “dog dad” to a charming Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Dexter and a Cardigan Welsh Corgi named Murphy. His furry companions add a delightful touch to Daniel’s life outside the office, emphasizing his caring and nurturing nature.

As Daniel Boutote continues to make his mark in the insurance industry, his dedication to customer satisfaction and passion for promoting security reflect a promising trajectory. With his blend of professional knowledge, genuine care for people, and a love for his canine companions, Daniel stands out as a reliable and compassionate figure in the realm of insurance.