In the early days just after Hurricane Irma when everyone is Southwest Florida was starting to assess damages and pick up the pieces of their lives, our remote licensed agent Jeanna Hendrickson was helping us from Tennesseeby handling agency phone calls and sending customers emails of how to start claims processing. She got an anxious call from a customer stating she has someone to tarp her roof but no tarps could be found to cover her leaking roof.

Knowing this, Jeanna called her Mom, Marie Hepp, who was driving back to Fort Myers following an evacuation to Tennessee and asked her to stop enroute in Chattanooga to purchase some tarps. With three large tarps in hand, along with some bottled water for good measure, Marie drove all night back to Southwest Florida and delivered the needed tarps and water to our customer the next morning.

In retrospect, Jeanna told us that, “This is just how Mom and Dad raised us. It’s second nature to us all to lend a hand when someone else needs assistance.”

Jeanna and Marie, thank you for your kindness. It’s been gratifying to hear so many stories of courage and outreach as people are going the extra mile to help others less fortunate. Your quick-thinking solution helped one of our customers locate tarps and most likely reduced further property damage until repairs can be made.

We send our well wishes out to all our clients and friends still experiencing power outagesand trying to repair damages. Our offices are both back in operation and we are here to help you in any way we can!