Let’s be honest… We are all looking for ways to save on auto insurance. The key is to figure out how to save money without cutting important coverage that could help protect you and your family in the case of an accident. That’s exactly why so many seasonal residents have found that our auto insurance is the best Florida auto insurance around.

The biggest money-saving opportunity available to seasonal residents is what many refer to as “vacation mode”. This feature allows you to temporarily suspend all non-mandatory coverage while your vehicle is not being driven. For example, if your car sits in your garage in Florida for six months out of the year, why should you pay for collision coverage, and high liability limits when you know you won’t need them? That’s exactly the scenario that vacation mode is intended for. It allows you to suspend coverage and save money while your car isn’t being driven.

Additionally, when utilizing vacation mode, you can keep your comprehensive coverage active in the event that your vehicle is stolen from your garage or damaged during a storm. This feature makes using vacation mode virtually risk-free. The most important factor when saving money with vacation mode is remembering that when you get back to Florida before you drive your car at all, you need to contact your insurance agent and have them fully reinstate the coverage for you! It’s as simple as shooting them an email before you arrive. That way you can ensure your coverage is fully active again before driving.

“I have saved hundreds of dollars by utilizing vacation mode. It’s one of the reasons I love East & Greenwell’s insurance. Jeff & Kevin make it easy to suspend and reinstate coverage as needed,” shared George Berry, one of East & Greenwell’s seasonal customers. To learn more about vacation mode or receive a quote for auto insurance, contact East & Greenwell Insurance online or by phone at 239-434- 7877.

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